American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists
Proceedings from the 27th Biennial Meeting
March 3 - 6, 1993
Anaheim, California
General Session
Oral Presentations
 Agronomy  Genetics  Disease & Insects  Biotechnology
Operations Section
  Chemistry  Factory Operations
Postemergence weed control in sugarbeets with DPX-66037
     K. A. Renner and T. M. Crook
Sugar beet stand reduction from Terbufos insecticide and Cycloate herbicide
     C. C. Shock, L. D. Saunders, T. D. Stieber, M. P. Shock and D. D. Bowers.
Postemergence control of broad leaf weeds in sugarbeet
     A. G. Dexter and J. L. Luecke
Nitrogen application on sugarbeets--Does increased plant populations require increased nitrogen application in Michigan?
     P. Pfenninger and L. Hubbell
DPX-66037 -Review of results in sugar beet from U.S. and Europe
     D. A. Allison, T. S. Ulrich, W.S. Wilms, J. L. Pacheco and G. L. Leek
Efficient nitrogen management for sugar beets
     C. C. Shock, T. D. Stieber, L. D. Saunders, B. M. Shock and D. D. Bowers
Interaction of herbicides and insecticides
     A. G. Dexter and J. L. Luecke
Sugarbeet plant population x nitrogen fertilizer rate experiments in Manitoba
     P. J. Regitnig
Canada thistle competition and control in sugarbeets
     S. D. Miller, K. J. Fornstrom and A. Mesbah
Weed and sugarbeet response to postemergence applications of DPX-66037, Stinger, Nortron and Betamix
     R. G. Wilson
Yield and quality of sugar beets as affected by applied boron
     D. R. Christenson, C. E. Bricker and L. Hubbell
Fate of fall-applied nitrogen fertilizer in the Red River Valley
     J. Moraghan
Postemergence herbicide timing and combinations in sugarbeets
     S. D. Miller and K. J. Fomstrom
Effect of foliar applied Cytokinin on sugarbeet
     L. G. Campbell and A. W. Cattanach
Is simple linear regression really simple?
     P . O. Darrow
Cover crop management for wind erosion protection of sugarbeets
     K. J. Fomstrom, S. D. Miller and J. M. Krall
Timing of control of living cover crop
     A. G. Dexter and A. W. Cattanach
Primary tillage effects on soil susceptibility to erosion after sugarbeet harvest
     A. W. Cattanach, J. F. Giles, J. A. Lamb and N. R. Cattanach
Effect of seedbed preparation on sugarbeet emergence
     J. F. Giles, A. W. Cattanach and N. R. Cattanach
Yield, sugar content and quality factors as affected by stand density. A three year study
     D . J. Traveller
Sugarbeet stand establishment in the U.K. - a U.S. perspective
     J. A. Smith, C. D. Yonts, R. G. Wilson and K. L. Palm
Separation of crown tare and dirt tare and how it can be used in the field
     D. Bennett and A. L. Keller
Effect of postemergence tillage on yield of sugarbeet
     J. F . Giles, A. W. Cattanach and N. R. Cattanach
Improved irrigation efficiency and erosion protection by mechanical furrow mulching beets
     C. C. Shock, J. Hobson, J. Banner, L. D. Saunders and B. Townley
Developments in sugar beet growing in the Netherlands
     D. Hoogerkamp
Weed control in sugar beets with three-way coformulations of pehenmedipham, desmedipham and ethofumesate applied postemergence
     D. R. Comer, G. G. Hora, J. Lublinkhhof, T. W. Mayberry, P. N. Odom, R. Scoresby and J. F. Stewart.
Quality assurance, a main object of a company servicing seed processing
     H. Lamprecht and J. C. Knolle
The effect of simulated hail during the growing season on sugarbeet yield and quality
     G. F. StaHknechf, K. Gilbertson and P. Simpson
The effect of defoliator flail type, configuration, speed of operation under pre and post frost conditions on sugarbeet yield and quality
     L. J. Smith
Priming treatments for sugar beet seed to advance germination and field emergence
     P. Halmer
Emergence of sugarbeets planted with different planter configurations
     J. A. Smith·, C. D. Yonts, R. G. Wilson and K. L. Palm
A field comparison of commercial sugarbeet harvesters
     A. W. Cattanach, A. G. Dexter and D. Kiefer
Early harvest of sugar beet: the effect of seeding date and variety
     J. G. Lauer
Commercial benefits of sugar beet seed treatment -a European perspective
     J. W. F. Prince
Research on dirt tare in the Netherlands
     D. Hoogerkamp
Effect of seed treatments and their corresponding impact on seedling emergence and survival
     L. Hubbell and P. Pfenninger
Effect of nitrogen fertilizers on sugarbeet yield, quality and root disease
     E. K. Thompson and J. S. Gerik
Evaluation of a system for making nitrogen recommendations for sugar beets in Michigan
     D. R. Christenson, G. M . Zinati and M. B. Butt
Payment of sugar beet according to quality
     D . Hoogerkamp
SECTION B- Genetics and Germplasm
Case history of early testing to identify sugarbeet lines with high performances       
     R. T. Lewellen
A comparison of different types of smooth root and "soil free sugarbeets"
     J. C . Theurer
Wild beet in Egypt
     D. L . Doney
Sources, breeding and performance of resistance to rhizomania in sugarbeet
     R. T. Lewellen
Floral organogenisis in fertile and male sterile sugar beet
     H. Y. Wetzstein and C. H. Bornman
Evaluation of entomopatbogenic nematodes for control of Tetanops myopaeformis, the sugarbeet root maggot
     G. A. Smith, C. A. Wozniak, L. G. Campbell and J. D. Bide
SECTION C- Entomology and Plant Pathology  
Grower experience with rhizomania tolerant varieties in California
     T. A. Babb, T. Johnson , J. Kimmell and J. D. Schulke
The effect of soil temperature and planting date on rhizomania
     A. L. Keller and D. J. Traveller
Idaho rhizomania program developed in response to the states's first disease report  
     J. J. Gallain and D. J. Traveller
Characterization of single cystosori isolates of Polymyxa betae
     A. L. Pilgeram and J. E. Duffus
Field evaluation .of metam sodium for rhizomania and root knot nematode control in Tulare County, California
     C. A. Frate, T. Johnson and B. Blanken
Partial characterization of some furoviruses infecting sugarbeet
     G. C. Wisler, J. E. Duffus and H. Y. Liu
Relationship between BNYVV and an unnamed soilborne sugarbeet virus in Texas     
     C. M. Rush and G. B. Heidel
Incidence of beet necrotic yellow vein virus, beet distortion mosaic virus and an unnamed soilborne sugarbeet virus in Texas
     G. B. Heider and C. M. Rush
Movement of viruliferous Polymyxa betae from a point source inoculation
     R. M. Harveson and C. M. Rush
Occurrence of rhizomania in Wyoming and Nebraska
     J. S. Gerik and G. A. Fisher
Partial characterization of a soilborne sugarbeet virus in Texas
     G. B. Heider, C. M. Rush, T. L. Kendall, K. Kim and S. A. Lommel
The effect of Aphanomyces root rot and rhizomania on sugarbeet in a controlled environment
     R. M. Harveson and C. M. Rush
Comparison of methods to expedite soil analyses for beet necrotic yellow vein virus        C. E. McClelen and J. S. Gerik 161
Sugarbeet root maggot survey southern Red River Valley
      P. M. Beech, T. A. Lunde and T. D. Knudsen
Drought and sugarbeet root maggot population levels in the Red River Valley
     A. W. Anderson, R. B. Carlson and R. Schlecht
Sugarbeet root maggot control under dryland conditions
     R. J. Dregseth, A. W. Anderson, R. B. Carlson and L. J. Smith
The effect of pre and postemergence applications of liquid and granular insecticides for the control of the sugarbeet root maggot
     L. J. Smith and A. W. Anderson
1992 sugarbeet root maggot survey and IPM program -Red River Valley
     D. J. Hilde and R. L. Ellingson
The use of exotic and domestic germplasm for resistance to the sugarbeet root maggot
     L. G. Campbell, A. W. Anderson and K. A. Prodoehl
Native bacterial flora and development of larvae of the sugarbeet root maggot
     C. A. Wozniak and S. E. Hinz
Seasonal movement of the sugarbeet root aphid from eastern Wyoming into western Nebraska sugarbeet fields
     G. L. Hein and H. R. Lawson
Relationship of curly top virus disease ratings to yield loss under conditions of natural field infection
     J. J. Gallian and C. E. Stanger
Interactive effects of aphid injury and beet yellows virus on sugar beet photosynthesis and yield
     L. D. Godfrei and P. A. Mauk
Efficacy of systemic aphicides on reducing populations of aphids and the effect of these treatments on incidence of beet yellow virus
     P. A. Mauk, L. D. Godfrey, W. Johnson and D. Limburg
Monitoring the population of the sugar beet crown borer, Hulstia undulatella during the growing season
     E. J. Bechinski, D. D. Bowers· and H. Davis
Influence of insecticide timing and placement on phytotoxicity of insecticides and herbicides on sugarbeets
     G. L. Hein and R. G. Wilson
Implications of sweetpotato whitefly biotype changes on lettuce infectious yellows virus
     J. E. Duffus, R. T. Lewellen and H. Y. Liu
The effect of oil radish and yellow mustard trap crops on soil populations of Heterodera schachtii and subsequent infection severity on sugar beet
     E. D. Kerr, R. G. Wilson and P. Provance
Sugarbeet cyst nematode population response to fall or spring planting of nematode resistant oil radish and white mustard radish varieties
     S. L. Hafez, K. Hara, D. Searle· and D. D. Bowers
Growth and development of oil-radish and yellow mustard trap crops in Nebraska
     R. G. Wilson", E. D. Kerr and P. Provance
Effect of nonhost cultivars on the population dynamics of the sugarbeet cyst nematode, Heterodera schachtii
     G. D. Griffin and E. E. Schweizer
Relationship of Heterodera schachtii soil populations to sugarbeet yield
     G. D. Griffin
Seasonal decline of sugarbeet cyst nematode juvenile and egg populations in Idaho
     S. L. Hafez, F. Rashid and K. Hara
The effect of sugarbeet tare dirt composting process on the viability of sugarbeet cyst nematode
     S. L. Hafez, K. Hara, F. Rashid and D. D. Bowers
Root-knot nematode and susceptibility of Beta plants to infection
     M. H. Yu
A new soil-borne virus from California
     H. Y. Liu and J. E. Duffus
A PCR-based method for differentiation of Rhizoctonia solani anastomosisi groups     
     G. A. Fisher· and J. S. Gerik
Preliminary studies on the presence of three sugarbeet seedling pathogens from major production areas in the USA
     K. M. Vaughn and C. M. Rush
Evaluation of sugarbeet seed treatments on reduction of common sugarbeet seedling diseases
     M. Bredehoeft
Effect of metalaxy1 band applications on sugarbeet stand establishment in eastern Montana
     H. A. Lamel and J. W. Bergman
Bacteria protect sugarbeet seedlings from fungal disease
     J. L. A. Eckhoff and N. W. Callan
Potential of Streptomyces griseoviridis as a biocontrol agent of sugarbeet soilborne fungal pathogens
     E. G. Ruppell
Integration of biocontrol agents with solid matrix priming of sugarbeet seed to reduce seedling damping-off
     K. M. Vaughn· and C. M. Rush
Relationship of soil temperature and sugarbeet cultivar to Pythium damping-off
     C. E . Windels and R. A. Kuznia
Susceptibility of sugarbeet plants of different ages to Rhizoctonia root and crown rot
     C. A. Engelkes, C. E. Windels and T. E. Cymbaluk
SECTION E -Physiology & Biotechnology  
Alternative nitrogen and carbon sources for sugarbeet tissue culture
     J. W. Saunders, C. J. Tsai and E. Samper
Characterization of pathogenesis related proteins in cercospora leaf spot susceptible and resistant leaf tissue
     J. D. Eide and G. A. Smith
Design and testing of novel genes for defense against sugarbeet pathogens
     L. D . Owens, R. 0 Nordeen and J. C. Ingersoll
Relationship between in vitro response of leaf disc and ovule explants of tetraploid sugarbeet genotypes
     W. P. Doley
Rhizoctonia-induced phytoalexin production in sugar beet
     W. M. Bugbee
Sugar and impurities in peel and interior of Beta vulgaris roots changes under short-term, high-quality storage
     S. S. Martin and J. A. Narum
SECTION D - Chemistry and Instrumentation  
Betaine content of sugarbeet varieties
     D. E. Rearick, C. McKay and G. Simantel.
The use of an open tubular cadmium reactor for the determination of nitrate-nitrogen in sugarbeet extracts
     A. B. Telck and B. C. Tungland
Comparisons between sugarbeet nitrate determination by ion chromatography and ion selective electrode
     D. E. Rearick, M. Little and D. Patterson
New clarifier for hand-pressed juice from brei samples
     T. M. Crook
Near infrared (NIR) analysis of sugarbeet juices and factory products
     L. A. Edye and M. A. Clarke
Improving accuracy and precision of calculated process variables by using directly measured non sugars
      J. L. Carlson, G. W. Golovanoff and K. Kubat
Low raw pan control system based on the on-line purity monitor
     M. A. Karagodin and T. Cowger
Sugar utilization and biocide challenge studies of microorganisms isolated from a survey of Holly's beet factories for 1991 campaigns
     F. M. Steele, R. T. Tang, D. Nabben-Schindler and A. T. Campbell
A Method to Assess Carbonation Efficiency
     B. C. Tungland, D. L. Cummings and M. J. Mooney
Western Sugar Company -Laboratory information management systems implementation and overview
     R. C. Reisig and R. D. Olson
The determination of sugar beet technological value
     S. E. Bichser, B. C. Tungland and P. O. Darrow
Sugarbeet decomposition in factory storage piles: the good, the bad and the ugly
     S. S. Martin and L. E. Gholson
SECTION F - Factory Operations  
Recent Developments in beet transport water management
     D. O. Larson and J. M. Helge
Near infrared (NlR) analysis of sugarbeet brei and cossettes
     M. A. Clarke and L. A. Edye
Glutaraldehyde application for the control of microbial growth in sugar beet diffusion processes
     D. J. Saye
The new generation of vertical beet extraction towers and prescalders
     E. Straube and M. Hummel
Bacteria and sugar loss control in a non-formaldehyde era
     G. Pool, V. Jaro, M. Stroebel, J. DeVarona and K. DeVries
Processing of frost damaged beets in the Magic Valley -1991-92 campaign
     A. Swenson, V. Jaro, L. Velasquez, G. Pool, A. Hieb , M. Stroebel and J. Hartwell
The use of additives for processing frost-damaged beets.
     T. Henscheid, L. Velasquez, V. Kochergin and M. Stroebel
Mineral membranes for the sugar industry: The second generation of membranes may revolutionize the clarification and filtration of juices and syrups
     X. Lancrenon·, M. A. Theoleyre and G. Kientz
The use of naturally occurring tracers to evaluate "unaccountable" losses
     M. J. Fowers
Cationic polymers help separate prelimer suspended solids
     L. W. Norman, E. W. Gannon, J. B. Pratt and J. W. Davey
Optimizing first carbonation -clarification -settling aid usage and underflow desugarization
     R. W. Mitchell-, J. E. Cooley, J. W. Davey and J. B. Pratt
New milk of lime stations in two Western Sugar factories
     L. Toth, K. Saas and N. Shyne
The Jones and Associates lime kiln design and operation
     R. Zimmerman
Cooling crystallization of raw juice: sucrose solubility test
     G. Vaccari, G. Mantovani, G. Sgualdino and F. Andreoli
Improvement in continuous centrifugation to reduce non-sugar recirculation
     D. Bosse
The double continuous centrifuge -a new concept
     P. Franzen
Experiences with Fletcher Smith continuous vacuum pan boiling
     A. J. Randall
Practical techniques to optimize molasses exhaustion
     F. Franz and V. Kochergin
Mathematical models of the sugar end
     M. Karagodin
Waste water treatment and odor control, a six-year program
     K. E. Hoff, W. L. Stephenson, H. J. Schwieren, R. G. Arnold and M. Asadi
Land application of excess condensate
     A. Hieb
Aerating suspended, anaerobic biomass to improve solid-liquid separation
     P. W. Jensen, D. L. Kallstrom and J. L. Carlson
Total factory water and wastewater management program for a metropolitan beet
sugar facility

     R. A. Mielke and T. Shellooe
Library and information technology: the electronic retrieval of information
     D. E. Bergacker
Large extensions of sugar factories
     V. Andersson
A report on novel materials of construction after more than two years of operation in a hot gas filter
     J. F. Zievers, P. Eggerstedt, P. Aguilar and E. C. Zievers