American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists
Proceedings from the 31st Biennial Meeting
February 28 - March 3, 2001
Vancouver, BC
Proceedings from Operations Section

Oral Presentations
 Chemistry & Inst.  Factory Operations
Poster Sessions
SECTION D -Chemistry and Instrumentation
Design improvements in Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative's beet quality laboratory
increases sample throughput and lowered construction costs
   A. Miranowsky and J. L. Carlson
Analyzing dextran in the sugar industry: A review of dextran in the factory and a
new analytical technique
   M. l Opelka, J. S. Rauh and J. A. Cuddihy, J
Evaluating the condition of ion exchange resins used for molasses desugarization.
   D. E. Rearick. D Patterson and M. Auth
Characterization of raffinates from chromatographic separation
   M A Godshall, J R Vercellotti, E. Rearick and R. S. Blanco
Biocide synergy: reducing costs and losses through physical and chemical interactions.
   M. Fowers and L. E. Lloyd
SECTION F -Factory Operations
Steamdrying and beet pulp pressing.
   A. S. Jensen
Effectiveness of available biocides on microbes present in the diffusions system at Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative.
   S. Benson and J. L. Carlson
A new era in sugar factory supplier alliances.
   CD. Mon·ison and R W. Strickland
Applications of engineered fractals in the sugar industry.
   M. Kearney, V. Kochergin, K. Petersen, M. Mumm, W. Jacob and L. Velasquez
The secondary market for process equipment and technology in the beet sugar industry.
   G. P. Epstein
Experience with slow conditioning of white sugar in the concrete silos.
   M. Johson and V. Kochergin
Drying of beet pulp in pressurized superheated steam- Further developments.
   V. Andersson
Tower 2000: A new tower extraction concept.
   D. Bosse and R. Hempelmann
Prelimer suspended solids can be separated.
   L. Norman, G. Garica, V. Salzman, F. Cabrerea, T. Charboneau and K. Stewart
Preparation for an actual application of mechanical vapor recompression evaporation in the sugar beet industry.
   J.D. Pope and J. K. Manno
Sugars™ program update for Windows- beet sugar.
   W. L. Weiss
Expansion of the existing graining system to a 3-stage batch process as an optimal solution to produce coarse sugar (MA: 1.0- 1.5 mm) without loss of production capacity.
   P. Zagers and D.P. Vermeulen
Flume water clarification: An integrated systems analysis.
   M. J. Opelka, J. S. Rauh and J. A Cuddihy, Jr
Developing compatible cooling water treatment program for sugar mill operations.
   G. Hamlin, K. Garwick, J. Valmus and G. We
Lime covering on beet piles.
   C. L. Duncan, R. Haase and G. Garcia
Wet scrubber stack emission test results from the new triple-pass pulp dryer at the Hillsboro factory of American Crystal Sugar Company.
   S. J. Selle, M. Hohl, F. A Heinbaugh, B. Carlson and 0. Deur
Ammonia and nitrate removal from wastewater at Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
with a nitrification-denitrification system

   J. L. Carlson, P Jensen and D. Kallstrom
Constructed wetland treatment of sugar beet wastewater.
   P. A. Anderson
Economic aspects of raw juice chromatographic purification.
   V. Kochergin and W Jacob
Increases in pH during beet-juice evaporation causes and cures.
   J. L. Carlson, U. Samaraweera and K A Kubat
Review of the two year operational history of a reverse osmosis system concentrating beet molasses chromatographic separator etlluent.
   M. E. Grigus
Presentation of the FAST separation technology.
   G. Hyoky, H. Paananen, G. Cornelius and M. Cotillon
Novel characteristics of the ARi coupled loop chromatography process.
   M. Kearney, V. Kochergin, K Petersen, M. Mumm, L. Velasquez and W. Jacob
ISEP ion exchange technology in Thin Juice softening; commercial plant experience.
   G. l Rossiter, R. U. Seneviratne and R. M. Scarborough
Experiences with a Balcke-Durr falling film plate evaporators- System EV APplus
   D. Hawkins, K Niepoth and B. Morgenroth
Environmental Forum -
   Shawn Sullivan, Leader
Continuous Pans Forum--
   Chris Rhoten, Leader
Modification of the procedure for measuring amino-N in brei extracts in the beet
quality lab

   W. J. Colonna and C. G. Fischer
Comparison of the effectiveness of biotechnology products for the reduction of
biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and odor in sugarbeet wastewater
   K A. Dole and J. R. Murnik
Process performance of high capacity centrifugals.
   G. C. Grimwood
Reducing energy consumption in beet factories: The European experience and its application to North America.
   P. D. Thompson
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