American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists
Proceedings from the 31st Biennial Meeting
Februray 28 - March 3, 2001
Vancouver, BC
General Session
Profile of the Agricultural Research Service
     Dr. Judith B. St. John, Associate Deputy Administrator, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, Maryland
Biotechnology - The Prespective of the U.S.Food Industry
Ms. Karil L. Kochenderfer, Directory, International Trade and Environmental Affairs and Coordinator, Biotechnology, Grocery Manufacturers Association, Washington, DC
Key Determinants of International Cost Competitiveness  
     Mr. John Cropley, Senior Economist, Sugar Team, LMC International Ltd, New Orleans, Louisiana

Agricultural Research - Oral Presentations
 Agronomy  Genetics  Disease & Insects  Biotechnology
Factory Operations - Oral Presentations 
The effect of variety, population and nitrogen rate on sugarbeet yield and quality in Michigan.
   T. M. Crook, T. Rader and J. Stewart
Relationship of nitrogen rate on sugarbeet yield, quality, and spectrum images in a spatial orientation.
   Mark Bredehoeft, S. Roehl, J. Fischer, J. Lamb, D. Humburg, D. Lamker and C. Rush
Nitrogen fertilization management and soil nitrate use for sugar beet grown in Southern Minnesota.
   John A. Lamb, George W. Rehm, Mark W. Bredehoeft, Steve R Roehl and John A. Fischer
Precision farming practices impact on sugarbeet production in MN and ND.
   Tom L. Newcomb, Allan W. Cattanach, Daniel R Bemhardson and Ronald L. Ellingson
FAR-consult: a computerized advisory system for weed identification and
weed control in sugarbeet
   Mia Tits, Olivier Hermann, Kristel Lambrechts and Jean-Francois Misonne
Weed emergence patterns and their relationship to weed control in sugarbeet.
   Stephen L. Young, Don W. Morishita and Michael J. Wille
Economic evaluation of weed management systems in sugarbeets.
   Charles A. Rice, Abdel Mesbah and Stephen D. Miller
Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) control in glyphosate-resistant sugarbeet.
   Corey V. Ransom and Joey K. Ishida
Postemergence weed control in transgenic sugarbeet.
   Ines Rothe, Alan G. Dexter and John L. Luecke
Glyphosate and glufosinate for weed control in sugarbeet.
   Robert G. Wilson
Effect of within-row spacing and row width on sugarbeet production using Glyfosate resistant sugarbeets.
   Joseph F. Giles, Carl Stael Von Holstein, Robert WIlson, Cory Ransom, Corey Guza, Joey Ishida and Allan Cattanach
Success and failure with postemergence herbicides at the micro-rate.
   Alan G. Dexter, Donald L. Vincent, III and John L. Luecke
Sugarbeet and weed response to split and micro-rates of post emergence herbicides in Michigan.
   Karen A Renner, Kyle J. Fiebig and James F. Stewart
Efficacy and economic viability of current and potential weed control options at Southern Minnesota Sugar Cooperative.
   Steve R. Roehl, M. Bredehoeft and J. Fischer
Micro-rate performance in irrigated sugarbeets.
   Stephen D. Miller, Abdel Mesbah and Craig Alford
Effect of planter ground speed on uniformity of sugarbeet within-row spacing and production in the Red River Valley.
   J.  F. Giles and N. R. Cattanach
Impact of harvest date on sugarbeet quality, yield and economic return I Ontario.
   E. Anne Verhallen, Edward J. Tomecek and Jennifer Stowe
Tillage and planter effects on sugarbeet seedling emergence and uniformity of beet size.
   Timothy M. Harrigan
Effect of fluroxypyt on Beta vulgaris and Kochia scoparia.
   James A Mickelson, Alan G. Dexter, Stephen D. Miller, Scott J. Nissen, Corey V.Ransom, Donald L. Vincent, III, Robert G. Wilson and Abdel Mesbah
Applying different rates of lime to alkaline soils and the effects on corn, navy beans and sugarbeets.
   Lee A Hubbell, Richard R. List and Donald R. Christenson
Sugarbeet response to variable soil texture and salinity.
   S. R. Kaflka, D. L. Corwin, S. Lesch and G. E. Brown, Jr
Field emergence of sugarbeet varieties and relationship to laboratory germination.
   John A. Smith, C. Dean Yonts, Robert G. Wilson, Gary L. Hein, Robert M. Harveson and Karen L. Palm
Regional sugarbeet variety trial.
   C. Dean Yonts, John A. Smith, Robert G. Wilson, Gary L. Hein, Robert M. Harveson and Karen L. Palm
Venice mallow (Hibiscus trionum L.) control in sugarbeet.
   Abdel O. Mesbah and Stephen D. Milller
A cercospora leaf spot management program for ACSC growers in 1999-2000.
   Ronald L. Ellingson, Allan W. Cattanach and John J. Weiland
Sugarbeet response to metolachlor and dimethenarnid.
   Kyle J. Fiebig, Karen A. Renner, James F. Stewart and Lee Hubbell
Temperature monitoring ofsugarbeet storage piles receiving forced air ventilation at
different culvert intervals in Alberta
   Jennifer J. Nitschelm, Peter J. Regitnig and Andrew Llewelyn-Jones
Comparison of desmedipham/phenmedipham formulations in sugarbeets.
   Craig M. Alford and Stephen D. Miller
A scoring method to evaluate the environmental contamination of chemical crop protection treatments, applied to weed control in sugar beet.
   Jan D. A. Wevers
Weed Forum
   Leader: Corey Ransom
Techniques Used in Conducting Variety Research Trials Forum
   Leader: Teresa Crook
SECTION B, Genetics and Germplasm Enhancement  
Population improvement within multigerm, self-fertile, random-mated breeding
lines of sugarbeet
   Robert T. Lewellen
Progress towards understanding the genetic basis of Aphanomyces resistance in beets.
   Yi Yu and J. Mitchell McGrath
Resistance to Meloidogyne spp. and improvement of sugarbeet cultivars.
   M. H. Yu
Molecular genetic tagging of resistance in sugarbeet to root knot nematode (Meloidogyne species).
   J. J. Weiland and M. H. Yu
Stress and gennination: A molecular basis of seed vigor in Beta vulgari S.
   Benildo G. De Los Reyes and J. Mitchell McGrath
Induction of Cercospora Leafspot Disease on Parental and Selected Transgenic Lines Carrying Antimicrobials: New Sources of Anti-Cercospora Genes will now be used for Bioengineering Disease Resistance.
   L. David Kuykendall
Current understanding of the genetics and physiology of foliar disease lesion mimicry in sugarbeet.
   Joseph W. Saunders and Goran Srnic
Genetics, Physiology and Biotech Forum
   Leader: Mitch McGrath
SECTION C, Entomology and Plant Pathology
Influence of arthropod pests on sugarbeet seedling establishment in California.
   Larry D. Godfrey, Kelly Brewer and Tom Babb
Pre-emergence insecticides improve seedling emergence in the Imperial Valley.
   S. R. Kaffka and T. A. Babb
Factors influencing sugarbeet root aphid populations and the aphids' impact on sugar beet yield.
   G. L. Hein and C. D. Yonts
Insecticide treatments for sugar beet root maggot control in Alberta.
   Peter J. Regitnig, Jennifer J. Nitschelm and Peter Bergen
Impact of soil insecticide placement method on sugarbeet root maggot control.
   Mark A. Boetel, Robert J. Dregseth, Allen 1. Schroeder and Gary 1.Brewer
Use of cereal cover crops to enhance insecticidal control of sugarbeet root maggot.
   Robert J. Dregseth, Mark A. Boetel, Allen J. Schroeder, Robert RCarlson and Gary 1. Brewer
Development of alternative control strategies for the sugarbeet root maggot.
   L. G. Campbell
Interactions between BNYVV and BSBMV in rhizomania resistant and susceptible varieties and effects on beet development.
   G. C. Wisler, R. T. Lewellen, H.-Y. Liu, 1. Sears and W. M. Wintermantel
Spatial distribution of beet yellow necrotic vein virus and beet soilborne mosaic virus in sugar beet fields.
   F. Workneh, E. Villanueva and C. M. Rush
Use of remote sensing technology for detection of beet necrotic yellow vein virus and beet soilborne mosaic virus.
   Karl Steddorn, Gretchen Heidel, David Jones and Charlie Rush
Synergism and host effects in virus yellows of sugarbeet.
   W. M. Winterrnantel, J. Sears and M. Parrish
Differentiation of poleroviruses in sugarbeet.
   Hsing-Y eh Liu, Gail C. Wisler, William M. Winterrnantel and John L. Sears
Metalaxyl resistance in Michigan isolates of Pythium and the development of a Pythium disease nursery.
   David J. Johnson and John M. Halloin
Comparison of azoxystrobin (Quadris) applications for optimum management of Rhizoctonia root and crown rot of sugar beets in western Nebraska.
   Robert M. Harveson and Robert G. Wilson
Azoxystrobin timing for Rhizoctonia root and crown rot management in sugar beet.
   Gary D. Franc, William L. Stump and Stephan C. Briere
Quadris and postemergence herbicide combinations for Rhizoctonia and weed management in sugar beet.
   William L. Stump, Gary D. Franc and Stephen D. Miller
Oospore density effects of Aphanomyces cochlioides on sugarbeet varieties differing in resistance.
   Carol E. Windels and Jason R. Brantner
Zoospore production and aggressiveness of Aphanomyces cochlioides isolates on sugarbeet and evaluation of adult plant resistance.
   Ja~on R. Brantner and Carol E. Windels
Methods for assessing viability of Aphanomyces cochlioides oospores.
   Alan T. Dyer and Carol E. Windels
Fusarium in sugar beet and bean.
   Linda Hanson, Amy Hill, Erin Wickliffe, Howard Schwartz and Lee Panella
Leaf dynamics in sugar beet under cercospora leaf spot attack.
   Piergiorgio Stevanato, Enrico Biancardi, Marco De Biaggi and Mauro Colombo
BAS 500F, a new fungicide for Cercospora beticola control in sugarbeet.
   V. L. Ulstad, T. R. Bardinelli, J. S. Barnes, and R. E. Gold
Efficacy of fungicides for Cercospora leaf spot control on sugarbeet in eastern North Dakota and Minnesota.
   Mohamed F. R. Khan, Larry J. Smith, Mark Bredehoeft and Steve Roehl
Cercospora impact on tolerant to susceptible sugarbeet varieties.
   Mark Anfmrud and Vince Distad
Differential susceptibilities to Cercospora leaf spot between green and white sectors of chimeral sugarbeet leaves.
   John M. Halloin and Subashini Nagendran
Aphanomyces Plant Resistance
   Forum Leader: Art Quinn
SECTION E, Physiology and Biotechnology  
First report of direct adventitious shoot formation on leaf pieces from ARS sugarbeet REL-l plants, and its potential for application to genetic transformation.
   Joseph W. Saunders, L. David Kuykendall and Ann C. Smigocki
Sucrose catabolism during sugarbeet root development: changes in sucrolytic isoenzyme activities and carbohydrate accumulation during growth.
   Karen L. Klotz and Fernando L. Finger
Induction of chitinase activity during the defense response of sugarbeet tap roots.
   Subashini Nagendran and John M. Hallom
Late-season sucrose accumulation: Can fact be separated from fantasy?
   Susan S. Martin
Absence of detectable CP4 EPSPS and GDS proteins and absence ofdetectable sugar beet DNA in refined sugar derived from Roundup Ready® sugar beet line #77.
   T. C. Lee, L. D. Albee, S. E. Reiser, J. C. Jennings, 1. D. Astwood and R. P. Lirette
Poster Session -Agriculture  
Response of sugar beet cultivars to diseases in the Central High Plains.
   Robert M. Harveson, Gary L. Hein, John A. Smith, Robert G. Wilson and C. Dean Yonts
The establishment of economic injury levels for the beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua, in California sugarbeets.
   David R. Haviland, Larry D. Godfrey and Tom Babb
Varietal resistance to sugarbeet root aphid.
   G. L. Hein, R. Harveson, J. A. Smith, R. G. Wilson and C. D. Yonts
Evaluation of the biolistic transformation method for commercially important sugar beet breeding lines.
   Snezana D. Ivic and Ann C. Smigocki
Leafdisc callus from sugar beet breeding lines for biolistic transformation.
   Snezana D. Ivic, Joseph W. Saunders and Ann C. Smigocki
Survey of pesticide use, IPM practices and pests of sugar beet in the U.S.A for 1998 and 1999.
   Barry J. Jacobsen, Alan G. Dexter, Larry J. Smith and Martha B. Mikkelson
Reduction of yield losses from Rhizoctonia crown and root rot by use of mixtures of resistant and susceptible sugarbeet varieties.
   David J. Johnson, John M. HaBoin and Steven Poindexter
Biochemical properties of three sugarbeet root sucrolytic enzymes and their implications for postharvest sucrose loss.
   Karen L. Klotz and Fernando L. Finger
Trap cropping for sugar beet nematode control in Southeastern Wyoming.
   David W. Koch, Fred A. Gray, James M. Krall and Jefferey W. Flake
Measurement of genetic diversity in two populations of Beta vulgaris, L. using RFLP markers.
   Lee Panella
Pesticide regulatory implications for the U.S. sugar beet industry
   Dudley T. Smith, Leonard P. Gianessi, Rick Melnicoe and Cecilia Gerngross
Comparison of visual and remotely sensed Cercospora leaf spot ratings on sugar beets.
   Karl Steddom, Mark Bredehoeft and Charlie Rush
Esterase isozyme and DNA fingerprinting distinguish Cercospora beticola races Cl and C2.
   J. J. Weiland
Development of a fungal biopesticide for management of the sugarbeet root maggot.
   Chris A. Wozniak and Ann C. Srnigocki
Polyacrylamide effects on irrigation performance and sediment yield.
   C. Dean Yonts, Brian L. Benham, Jurg M. Blumenthal and Richard B. Ferguson
Sharing data using GIS applications over the Internet.
Alan B. Te1ck and Peter J. Hickman
Sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris) production under sprinkler and flood irrigation.
   J. A. Eckhoff and J. W. Bergman