American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists
Proceedings from the 33rd Biennial Meeting
March 2-5, 2005
Palm Springs, CA
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Food Safety Updates and an Integrated Approach to their Management - Ed Hitch
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DOI Numbers
Status of isophorone-free sugarbeet herbicide formulations.
   Cappy, James J., David A. Long and Kevin Thorsness, Bayer CropScience
Herbicide combinations for kochia and common lambsquarters control.
   Dexter, Alan G. *., and John L. Lecke
Effect of spent lime on sugar production and crops following sugarbeet in the Red River Valley of the North Giles,
   Joseph F:I and Larry J. Smith2 , INorth Dakota State University and 2University of Minnesota
Implementation of Beetcast, a predictive model for managing Cercospora leafspot in Michigan.
   Guza, Corey J.* and James F. Stewart, Michigan Sugar Company
Would smooth root beets reduce the cost of disposing of soil at our factories?              Hubbell, Lee A.. and David Wishowski, Michigan Sugar Company 42
Precision farming practices impact on sugarbeet production in MN and ND.
   KafIka, Stephen R.. and Herman Meister, University of California
Optimum plant population of Rhizomania resistant sugarbeet varieties for highest recoverable sucrose per acre.
   Khan, Mohamed F. R.*I, Randy Nelson2 and Larry Campbell3, INorth Dakota State University and University of Minnesota, 2North Dakota State University and 3United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service
Managing Cercospora leaf spot on sugarbeet with fungicides.
   Khan, Mohamed F. R *I, Larry J. Smith2, Mark Bredehoeft3, Steve Roehl3 and Randy Nelsonl, INorth Dakota State University & University of Minnesota, 2University of Minnesota and 3Southem Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative
Response of 37 sugarbeet cultivars to clopyralid.
   Kniss, Andrew R *, Abdel O. Mesbah and Stephen D. Miller, University of Wyoming
Effect of composted cattle manure on sugar beet production.
   Nitschelm, Jennifer J. * and Peter J. Regitnig, Rogers Sugar Ltd
Tropical sugar beet.
   Nilsson, Staffan, Syngenta Seeds AB.
Economics of weed management systems in sugarbeet.
   Odero, Dennis C*., Abdel O. Mesbah and Stephen D. Miller, University of Wyoming
Relationships between amino nitrogen amounts and Rhizoctonia root rot resistance on crown root in inoculate condition for sugar beet.
   Ogata, Naoki*, Kazunori Tagucbi, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Kazuyuki Okazaki and Keiji Nakatsuka, National Agricultural Research Organization
Effect of crowning on sugar beet storage.
   Rearick, D. E.*I and Leonard Kerbs2, IAmalgamated Research Inc. and 2Amalgamated Sugar Co. LLC
Evaluating growers' sugarbeet planter metering units and seed drop tubes on the University of Nebraska electronic planter test stand.
   Smith, John A.* and Michael F. Kocher, University of Nebraska
Overcoming azoxystrobin interactions with micro-rate herbicide applications in Michigan sugarbeet production.
   Sprague, Christy L.*, Karen A. Renner and Gary E. Powell, Michigan State University
Evaluation of a predictive model, Beetcast, for managing Cercospora leafspot in Michigan.
   Stewart, James F* and Corey J. Guza, Michigan Sugar Company
Late season increase in weight and sugar percent of sugar beet.
   Camp, Stacey D.*, and Paul W. Foote, The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC
Sugar beet yield increases following oil radish green manure nematode trap crops in South Central Idaho.
   Bullock. Murray S., The Amalgamated Sugar Company, LLC
Management zones for nitrogen management.
   Lamb, John A*I, Mark W. Bredehoeft2, and Steve R Roehl2, lUniversity of Minnesota, 2Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative
Sugar beet injury from simulated herbicide drift.
   Regitnig, Peter J.* and Jennifer J. Nitschelm, Rogers Sugar Ltd
Sugar beet production response to N fertilizer rates following com in the Red River Valley of Minnesota.
   Sims, Albert L.* and Kim R. Hoff, University of Minnesota
Influence of preplant nitrogen fertilizer on sugarbeet, weeds and postemergence weed control.
   Wilson, R. G., University of Nebraska
Drought tolerance of sugarbeet.
   Yonts, C. Dean* and Robert G. Wilson, University of Nebraska
SECTION B, Genetics and Germplasm Enhancement  
Performance of sugarbeet cyst nematode resistant cultivars and a search for sources of resistance.
   Lewellen, Robert T.* and Linda M. Pakish, USDA-ARS Salinas CA
Breeding for genetics: development of Recombinant Inbred Lines (RIL's) for gene discovery and deployment.
   McGrath, J. Mitchell*, Teresa K. Koppin and Tim M. Duckert, USDA-ARS East Lansing MI
Monitoring the nematode resistance gene in tetraploid pollinators by using genetic markers.
   Van Spijk. Ab C.*, Steve Barnes and Jan Pertijs, Advanta Seeds BV
SECTION C, Entomology and Plant Pathology
Impact of tank-mixed insecticide and fungicide combinations on sugarbeet yield
and quality
   Boetel, Mark A.*, Robert J. Dregseth and Allen J. Schroeder, North Dakota State University
Tachigaren influence over time on Aphanomyces cochlioides presence in soil
and the effect on sugarbeet production.

   Bredehoeft, Mark* and Steve Roehl, Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative
Diversity in Fusarium from sugarbeet.
   Hanson, Linda E* , Amy L. Hill and Lee Panella, USDA-ARS Ft. Collins CO
Screening for varietal resistance to sugarbeet root aphid
   Hein, Gary L.* and John Thomas, University of Nebraska
Managing Cercospora leaf spot on sugarbeet with fungicides.
   Khan, Mohamed F. RI, Larry J. Smith2, Mark Bredeboeft3, Steve Roehl3 and Randy Nelsonl, INorth Dakota State University & University of Minnesota. 2University of Minnesota and 3Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative
Additional evidence of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) as an alternate
host to Cercospora beticola
   Lartey, Robert T.I, Neoma Irene Soli and Soumita Ghoshroy, IUSDA-ARS Sidney MT and 2New Mexico State University
The evaluation for resistance to Aphanomyces black root rot by using artificial
inoculation method in sugarbeet bred in NARO.

   Okazaki, Kazuyuki*, Naoki Ogata. Hiroyuki Takahashi, Dazunori Taguchl and Keiji Nakatsuka, National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO
Pathogenicity of different Anastomosis Groups and sub groups of Rhizoctonia Solani on sugar beet.
   Panella, Lee, USDA-ARS Ft. Collins CO
The implementation of BEETCAST - a weather-timed fungicide spray program for the control of Cercospora Leafspot in Ontario and Michigan.
   Pitblado, Ron E.· and I. Nichols, University of Guelph
Impact of Strobilurin fungicide on yield of sugar beets with natural inoculation
of Rhizoctonia crown rot.

   Poindexter, S.I, D. A. Ruppal2 and W. Kirk I , lMichigan State University and 2Hilleshog Sugarbeet Seed
Investigation of blinkers in rhizomania resistant fields in Minnesota.
   Rush, C. M:I, D. Jones I , K. Steddoml and L. G. Campbell2, ITexas Agricultural Experiment Station and 2USDA-ARS Fargo NO
Foliage color of beets is a poor predictor of rhizomania
   Steddom K:1, D. Jones, C. M. Rushl, and L. G. Campbell2, ITexas Agricultural Experiment Station and 2USDA-ARS Fargo NO
Cercospora beticola expressing the green fluorescent protein for studies
on the biology of sugarbeet leaf spot disease.

   Weiland, John J., USDA-ARS Fargo ND
Genetic variation among Beet curly top virus isolates infecting weed and
crop hosts in California

   Wintennantel, William M.*, Amy G. Ancheita and Nerick F. Mosqueda, USDA-ARS Salinas CA
Evaluation of Telone IT fumigant and Actigard systemic acquired resistance inducer on sugarbeet in a rhizomania-infested field.
   Bradley, Carl A*, Mohamed F. R Khan, Norman R Cattanach, and Randy S. Nelson, North Dakota State University
Analysis of benzimidazole-tolerance in Cercospora beticola.
   Hanson, Linda E.*I, Rebecca M. Davidsonl. Gary D. Franc2, and Lee Panella1, IUSDA-ARS Ft. Collins CO, 2University ofWyoming
Evaluating low levels of Tachigaren on minimum build-up treated sugar beet seed for protection against Aphanomyces cochioides.
   Harveson, R M.I, L. Hubbell2, C. E. Windels3, J. A. Smith I , J. R. Brantner3, J. R.Giles4 and N. R. Cattanach4, IUniversity of Nebraska, 2Michigan Sugar Company, 3University of Minnesota, 4North Dakota State University
Soil and moisture factors affecting sugarbeet root aphid and its impact on sugarbeet yield.
   Hein, Gary L.* and C. Dean Yonts, University of Nebraska
Metarhizium anisopliae for biocontrol of sugarbeet root maggot: constraints, challenges, and overall potential.
Jaronski, Stefan T. *, Julie A. Grace and Rob A. Schlothauer, USDA-ARS Sidney MT
Using spore traps for Cercospora beticola in sugarbeet.
   Khan, Jahangir*l, Mohamed F. R. Khan2, and Randy Nelson I , INorth Dako
ta State University, 2North Dakota State University and University of Minnesota
Biological and molecular analyses of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus isolates
that overcome host resistance genes
   Liu, Hsing-Yeh*, Sears, John L. and Lewellen, Robert T., USDAIARS Salinas CA
A Multiplex RT-PCR assay for sugar-beet soil-borne virus diseases survey in Italy.
   Ratti, Claudio·I , Marco De Biaggi2, Piergiorgio Stevanato2, Rita Reseal, Enrico Biancardi2 and Concepcion Rubies Autonelll, I Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Agroambientali (DiSTA), 2Istituto Sperimentale per Ie Colture Industriali
Antiserum for the detection of Aphanomyces cochlioides.
   Weiland, John J. • and Weilin Shelver. USDA-ARS Fargo ND
The impact of plant age and genetics on curly top disease development in modern sugarbeet varieties.
   Wintermantel, William M. I, Stephen R. Kaffka2 and Arturo A. CortezlIUSDA-ARS Salinas CA and 2University ofCalifomia
SECTION E, Physiology and Biotechnology  
Genetic diversity for root morpho-physiological traits and productivity in sugar beet.
   Saccomani. Massimo I , Piergiorgio Stevanato2, Massimo Cagninl, Giampaolo Fama2, Marco De Biaggi and Enrico Biancardi2•• IUniversita di Padova and 2Istituto Sperimentale per Ie Colture Industriali
Raffinose synthase is influenced by postharvest storage temperature and duration.    Haagenson, Darrin M.· and Karen L. Klotz, USDA-ARS Fargo ND 202
Sucrose synthase gene expression in tissue-specific, developmentally regulated, and influenced by abiotic stresses.
    Klotz, Karen L.1*, Darrin M. Haagensonl and J. Mitchell McGrath2, IUSDA-ARS Fargo ND and 2USDA-ARS East Lansing MI
Q2-test: a new fast and accurate seed quality evaluation test based on
automatic single seed respiration measurements; examples from sugar beet
seed research.

   van Duijn, Bert, Mieke van Zeijll, and Johan van Asbrouck2,3, lTNO Applied Plant Sciences and Sensor Technology and 2Callas International and 3 ASTEC Inc
Poster Session -Agriculture  
RNA silencing for the control of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus infection of sugarbeet.
   Bargabus-Larson, Rebeccca L:I and John J. Weiland2, IUSDA-ARS Ft. Collins CO and 2USDA-ARS Fargo ND
An in vitro sugar beet root maggot (Tetanops myopaeformis) feeding assay.
   Ivic-Haymes, Snezana D.I, Mark Boetel2, Larry G. Campbelt3, Robert Dregsetb and Ann C. SmigoCki*l, IUSDA-ARS Beltsville MD, 2North Dakota State University and 3USDA-ARS Fargo ND
Sugar beet genes regulated by sugar beet root maggot (Telanops myopaeJormis) infestation.
   Puthoff, David P. and Ann C. Smigocki*, USDA Beltsville MD
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Forum in Physiology, Biotechnology, Genetics and Gennplasm Enhancement Future of Biotechnology Session
   Leader: J. R Stander
Forum in Entomology and Pathology Fusarium: Research and Strategies Session      Leader: Linda Hanson 223
Forum in Entomology and Pathology Plant Disease: Rhizomania and Cercospora Leaf Spot Resistance Session
   Leader: Steve Roehl
Forum in Agronomy Weeds Forum: Weed Management Issues: Past, Present and Future Session
   Leader: Christy Sprague
Joint Forum on Beet Storage Session
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