American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists
Proceedings from the 34th Biennial Meeting
February 28 - March 3, 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Simon A. Harris, Advisor,
British Sugar PLC

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DOI Numbers

Whole rotation effects on soil nitrate-N for sugar beet production.
Bredehoeft, Mark W.1* and John A Lamb2,
     1Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative and 2University of Minnesota
Eleven years of micro-rate use in North Dakota and Minnesota.
Dexter, Alan G.* and John L. Luecke,
 North Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota
Improvements and innovations in vented pile storage methodology and construction.
Elison, David M., The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC
Beta vulgaris response to amide herbicides.
 Guza, Corey J.*, James F. Stewart and Lee A Hubbell, Michigan Sugar Company
Determine the ideal popul'ation in 30 inch row spacing.
Hubbell, Lee A*, James F. Stewart and David B. Wishowski, Michigan Sugar Company
Exploiting the genetic potential of sugarbeets.
  Jansen, Rudolf, KWS SAAT AG
Are rhizomania resistant sugarbeet varieties nitrogen hogs?
 Lamb, John A 1*, Mark W. Bredehoe2 and Steven R. Roehl2,
1University of Minnesota and 2Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative ......
Two year in-field sprayer calibration survey of sugar beet growers.
     Morishita, Don W.1*, Stanley R. Gortsema2, Jerry D. Neufeld2 and Dale L. Bake2,
     1University of Idaho, Twin Falls R&E Center and 2University of Idaho, Power, Canyon, and Minidoka County Cooperative Extension .......
Ethofumesate carryover potential in wheat and barley.
    Morishita, Don W.1*, Michael P. Quinn1, Hobyn J. Walton1 and Michael A. Becerra2,
    1University of Idaho, Twin Falls R&E Center and 2Idaho Food Quality Assurance Laboratory
Interference of broadleaf weeds in sugarbeets.
     Odero, Dennis C.1*, Abdelouhab Mesbah2 and Stephen D. Miller1,
     1University of Wyoming, Department of Plant Sciences and 2University of Wyoming, Powell Research and Extension Center.
Impact of genetic resistance to sugarbeet cyst nematode on yield and quality of sugarbeets.
     Poindexter, Steven S.1*, James F. Stewarf, Lee A. Hubbell2, Ralph Fogg2 and Corey J. Guza2,
     1Michigan State University Extension and 2Michigan Sugar Company ..............................................
Chemical and mechanical control of group 1 resistant wild oats.
     Regitnig, Peter J* and Jennifer J. Nitschelm, Rogers Sugar Ltd ............
Field applications of sugar factory spent lime: Effects on soil phosphorus.
     Sims, Albert L.1*, Carol E. Windels1 and Carl A. Bradley2,
     1University of Minnesota, Northwest Research and Outreach Center and 2North Dakota State University
30 in. vs. 18 in. row sugarbeet production -Nebraska research and grower experiences.
Smith, John A.*, C. Dean Yonts, Robert M. Harveson, Robert G. Wilson and Gary L. Hein,     University of Nebraska
Influence of a Cercospora tolerant sugarbeet variety on the BEETCAST prediction model.
     Stewart, James F. *, Corey J. Guza, Lee A. Hubbell, David B. Wishowski and Mark A. Anderson,
     Michigan Sugar Company
Agriculture information systems for the beet sugar industry.
     Telck, Alan B., AgTerra Technologies, Inc .
Late season weed control in sugarbeets by hand-weeding, mowing, or selective application of glyphosate.
     Wilson, Robert G.*, John A. Smith and C. Dean Yonts, University of Nebraska
Influence of ALS-resistant kochia control in corn on kochia control the following year in sugarbeet.
Wilson, Robert G., University of Nebraska
Impact of mid-season water stress on sugarbeet growth.
Yonts, C. Dean, University of Nebraska
Effect of row width and population on weeds and sugar beet yield and quality in Michigan.
Armstrong, Jon-Joseph Q.* and Christy L. Sprague, Michigan State University
Response of four commercial sugar beet varieties to s-metolachlor and dimethenamid-P
     Bollman, Scott L.* and Christy L. Sprague, Michigan State University
Fine-tuning nitrogen recommendations for sprinkler and flood irrigated sugarbeet.
Eckhoff, J. L. A.* and C. R. Flynn, Montana State University, Eastern Agricultural Research Center
Evaluation of XBEEJTM, an enhanced sugarbeet priming system.
 Hemb, Randall L.1*, James F. Stewarf, Lee A. Hubbell2, Ralph Fogg2, Corey J. Guza2, David B. Wishowski2 and Steven S. Poindexter3,
     1Germains Technology Group, 2Michigan Sugar Company and 3Michigan State University Extension
Weed control programs in glyphosate-resistant sugar beets.
     King, Steven R., Montana State University, Southern Agricultural Research Center. .
Use of a randomized nested block design in genetically modified, non-selective herbicide resistant sugarbeet hybrid testing.
     Roehl, Steve R. 1*, Richard Horsley2 and Osten Tvedt1,
     1Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative and 2North Dakota State University ........................
Timing of postemergence standard-split applications based on growing degree days in sugar beet.
 Sprague, Christy L.* and Gary E. Powell, Michigan State University
Identifying risk management zones for Cercospora leafspot control in Michigan.
Wishowski, David B.*, James F. Stewart, Lee A. Hubbell, Ralph Fogg and Corey J. Guza, Michigan Sugar Company
Virus induced gene silencing of a gene repressing flowering in sugar beet.
Fenwick, Ann1, Rebecca L. Larson2, Patrick A. Reeves3, Christopher M. Richards3 and Lee Panella2*,
     1Beet Sugar Development Foundation, 2USDA-ARS -SBRU and 3USDA-ARS -National Center for Germplasm
Protein changes associated with sugar beet resistance to Fusarium oxysporum.
Larson, Rebecca1*, Amy Hill1 and Alberto Nunez2,
1USDA-ARS, Sugarbeet Research Unit, Crops Research Laboratory and 2USDAARS- ERRC
Rhizomania as seen from inside the beet cell: Identifying proteome differences between sugarbeet infected with Beet necrotic yellow vein virus and healthy sugarbeet.
 Larson, Rebecca L.1*, Alberto Nunez2 and William M. Wintermantel3,
1USDA-ARS, Sugarbeet Research Unit, Crops Research Laboratory, 2USDA-ARS-ERRC and 3USDA-ARS
Integration of genetic, physical, and expression mapping resources for gene discovery and beet improvement.
     McGrath, J. Mitchell, USDA-ARS, Sugarbeet & Bean Research, Michigan State University
Genetics of water content in sugarbeet roots.
     McGrath, J. Mitchell1* and Daniele Trebbi2,
     1USDA-ARS, Sugarbeet & Bean Research and 2Keygene N.V.........
Development of novel sources of resistance to Beet curly top virus through virus-induced gene silencing.
     Wintermantel, William M.*, Amy G. Anchieta and Patricia A. Nicely, USDA-ARS
Sections B & E -POSTER SESSION  
Ethylene production and its effect on storage respiration rate in wounded and unwounded sugarbeet roots.
     Klotz, Karen L.* and Jeffrey C. Suttle, USDA-ARS, Northern Crop Science Laboratory
A sugar beet Affymetrix chip.
     Kraft, Thomas1, Gerhard Steinrrucken1*, Jan Gielen2, Tong Zhu3 and Todd Moughamer3,
     1Syngenta Seeds AB, 2Syngenta Seeds S.A.S. and 3Syngenta Biotechnology Inc ...
A Beta vulgaris serine proteinase inhibitor gene (BvSTi) regulated by sugar beet root maggot feeding on moderately resistant F1016 roots.
     Smigocki, A. C., D. P. Puthoff, S. D. Ivic-Haymes and S. Zuzga,
     USDA-ARS, Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory
Host and viral factors that promote the emergence of resistance breaking variants of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYW).
     Acosta-Leal, Rodolfo*, Becky Bryan and Charlie M. Rush, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
A procedure for rapid detection of resistance breaking variants of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYW) using real-time RT -peR allelic discrimination assays.
     Acosta-Leal, Rodolfo* and Charlie M. Rush, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
Seed treatment insecticides to manage soil insect pests of sugarbeet.
     Boetel, Mark A.*, Robert J. Dregseth, Allan J. Schroeder and Ayanava Majumdar, North Dakota State University, Department of Entomology
Control of Aphanomyces damping-off of sugarbeet by hymexazol seed treatment when disease onset occurs at different plant ages and inoculum levels.
     Brantner, Jason R.* and Carol E. Windels, University of Minnesota, NW Research & Outreach Center
Crop protection innovations in sugarbeet -Bayer CropScience.
    Daniels, Jeffrey L., Charles Hicks, Kelven Luff, John O. Martin, Dean W. Maruska, George Simkins, Michael Smith and Kevin B. Thorsness*, Bayer CropScience ..
Relationship of clothianidin plus beta cyfluthrin, combined with build-up coating options, to germination and field emergence of Beta vulgaris seeds. .
     Daniels, Jeffrey L. * and Michael R Schwarz, Bayer CropScience
Interaction of varying Fusarium oxysporum isolates with different sugarbeet lines.
    Hanson, Linda E.*, Amy L. Hill and Lee Panella, USDA-ARS, SBRU
Variability in varietal response for resistance to sugar beet root aphid and potential implications.
     Hein, Gary L.
1*, Rosana Serikawa2, John E. Foste~ and John Thomas1,
1University of Nebraska, Panhandle Research and Extension Center and 2University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Entomology
Timing of azoxystrobin fungicide application for control of Rhizoctonia crown and root rot on sugarbeet.
     Jacobsen, Barry J.
1*, John C. Ansley1, Ken Kephart2, Nina K. Zidack1, Alan Dyer1 and Mareike R Johnston1, 1Montana State University, Department of Plant Science and Plant Pathology and
2Montana Agricultural Experiment Station -Southern Agricultural Research Center.
Incidence and spatial distribution of rhizomania in fields planted to rhizomania resistant cultivars.
     Jones, David C.*, Fekede Workneh and Charlie M. Rush, Texas Agricultu raI Experiment Station
What is the best time to apply fungicides for effective and economical Cercospora leaf spot control?
     Khan, Mohamed F. R* and Randy Nelson, North Dakota State University & University of Minnesota, Plant Pathology Department
Some like it straight, some like it mixed!
     Khan, Mohamed F. R* and Randy Nelson, North Dakota State University & University of Minnesota, Plant Pathology Department
Survey of field soils for Cercospora beticola by PCR and ELISA.
     Lartey, Robert T.*, TheCan Caesar-TonThat, William M. Iversen, Sophia Hanson and Robert G. Evans, USDA-ARS, Northern Plains Agricultural Laboratory
Transgenic rhizomania resistant hybrids of sugar beets, providing strong resistance against different strains of BNYVV.
     Lennefors, Britt-Louise
1*, Eugene I. Savenkov2, Jan Bensefelt1, Elisabeth Wremerth-Weich1, Petra Van Roggen1, Stig' Tuvesson1, Lisette Laurin1, Jari P. T Valkonen3 and Jan Gielen4, 1Syngenta
Seeds AB,
2Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Biology and Forest Genetics, 3University of He'lsinki, Department of Applied Biology and 4Syngenta Seeds
Performance of rhizomania resistant sugarbeet under normal and resistance-breaking strains of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus.
     Lewellen, Robert T*, Hsing-Yeh Liu, Anne M. Gillen and Carl A. Strausbaugh, USDA-ARS
Distribution and differentiation of resistance-breaking isolates of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus in the United States.
     Liu, Hsing-Yeh* and Robert T Lewellen, USDA-ARS
Discovery of resistance to seedling disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG2-2, description of the host-pathogen interaction, and development of a seedling disease screening nursery.
     McGrath, J. Mitchell
1* and Suba Nagendran2, 1USDA-ARS, Michigan State University, Sugarbeet & Bean Research and 2Michigan State University, Department of Plant Pathology
Characterisation of soils from different geographic origins containing Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYW) which overcomes Rz1 resistance in sugar beet.
     Pferdmenges, Friederike and Mark Varrelmann*, Institute for Sugar Beet Research, Department of Phytopathology
Cercospora beticola mating types in the North Central USA.
     Secor, Gary A.
1*, Viviana V. Rivera1 , Judith Rengifo1 and John J. Weiland2, 1North Dakota State University, Department of Plant Pathology and 2USDA-ARS, Northern Crop Science Laboratory
Sugarbeet root rot in the Intermountain West
     Strausbaugh, Carl A.* and Anne M. Gillen, USDA-ARS, NWISRL
Discovery of Beet Black Scorch Virus in the United States.
     Weiland, John J.
1*, Rebecca L. Larson2, Thomas P. Freeman3, Michael C. Edwards1 and Hsing-Yeh Liu4, 1USDA-ARS, Red River Valley Agricultural 'Research Center, 2USDA-ARS, Sugarbeet Production
3North Dakota State University and 4USDA-ARS, Sugarbeet Production Laboratory
Spent lime effects on yield, quality, and Aphanomyces root rot of sugar beet.
     Windels, Carol E.
1*, Jason R Brantner1, Albert L. Sims1 and Carl A. Bradlei, 1University of Minnesota, NW Research & Outreach Center and 2North Dakota State University, Dept. of Plant Pathology
The effect of seed treatment and post-emergence insecticides on emergence, phytotoxicity, sugarbeet root maggot damage and root yield.
     Gallian, John J.1*, Kelly V. Tindall1, David M. Elison2 and Dale L. Baker3, 1University of Idaho, Twin Falls R&E Center, 2Amalgamated Sugar Company and 3University of Idaho
Characterization of genes associated with potential for fungicide resistance in Cercospora beticola.
     Hanson, Linda E.
1*, Gary D. Franc2 and Lee Panella1, 1USDA-ARS, SBRU and 2University of Wyoming
Predicting disease severity for sugar beet root rots using a preplant soil disease assay.
     Harveson, Robert M., University of Nebraska, Panhandle Research and Extension Center
Effectiveness of a precision applicator in applying pesticide granules synchronously with sugar beet seed.
     Hein, Gary L.*, Rick Patrick, Charles K. Flint and John A. Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Panhandle Research and Extension Center
Effect of three bacterial disease-control agents on the entomopathogenic fungi, Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana.
     Jaronski, Stefan T.
1*, Cindy Fuller-Schaefer1, Ben Larson2 and Barry J. Jacobsen3, 1USDA-ARS, Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory, 2Montana State University Extension Service and 3Montana State University, Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
Detection of Cercospora beticola by PCR in amended and naturally infested field soil.
     Lartey, Robert E.*, TheCan Caesar-TonThat, Sophia Hanson, William M. Iversen and Robert G. Evans, USDA-ARS, Northern Plains Agricultural Laboratory
Bio-based management of sugarbeet root maggot by integrating an insect pathogenic fungus and cereal cover crops.
     Majumdar, Ayanava *, Mark A. Boetel
1, Stefan T. Jaronski2, Robert J. Dregseth1and Allan J. Schroeder1, 1North Dakota State University, Department of Entomology and 2USDA-ARS, Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory
Evaluation of Cruiser seed treatment for control of wireworm damage in sugar beet.
     Nitschelm, Jennifer J., Peter J. Regitnig* and Greg. W. Nikles, Rogers Sugar Ltd
Influence of host resistance and insecticide seed treatments on curly top in sugarbeets.
     Strausbaugh, Carl A.
1*, Anne M. Gillen1 , John J. Gallian2, Kelly Tindall2, Stacey Camp3 and J. R. Stander4, 1USDA-ARS, NWISRL, 2University of Idaho, Twin Falls R&E Center, 3Amalgamated Sugar
Company and
4Betaseed, Inc .
Mapping of curly top incidence and determination of genetic variation among viruses resf.onsible for curly top in California.
     Winterrnantel, William M. *, Amy G. Anchieta
1 and Rod Clark2, 1USDA-ARS and 2Califomia Curly Top Control Board .
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     Session Leader: Corey Guza
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     Session Leader: Linda Hanson
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     Session Leader: Gary Secor
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