American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists
Proceedings from the 36th Biennial Meeting
March 2 - 5, 2011
Albuquerque, NM

DOI Numbers for 2011 Proceedings

10.5274/ASSBT.2011.1 Carbon Foot Prints 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.2 Political Outlook
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.3 The Journal of Sugar Beet Research of the ASSBT - A Clearing House for the Exchange of Ideas 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.4 Nitrogen use management in sugar beet culture as related to soil type 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.5 Effect of tillage and nitrogen fertilizer rate on sugarbeet production 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.6 Where does turkey litter fit with sugarbeet production 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.7 Nitrogen rate effect on sugar beet stands in strip tillage
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.8 Shank Operating Depth for Zone Tillage 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.9 Preemergence ethofumesate increases postemergence spray retention on common lambsquarters 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.10 Comparison of adjuvants used with glyphosate for weed control in sugar beets 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.11 Volunteer glyphosate-resistant corn control and interference in glyphosate-resistant sugarbeet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.12 Management of giant ragweed in glyphosate-resistant sugarbeet with clopyralid 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.13 Production response of sugarbeet breeding lines to deficit irrigation 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.14 Development of season long deficit irrigation strategies for sugarbeets 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.15 Agronomic research experiences with emergence enhancement treatments in Alberta 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.16 Variety approval “points” system based upon yield, quality, emergence and resistance traits 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.17 Effect of late-season glyphosate on glyphosate-resistant common ragweed 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.18 Benchmark study: impact of glyphosate-resistant crops on weed populations, weed management tactics, and farm profitability B can this study provide insight into the future of glyphosate-resistant sugarbeets?
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.19 Weed management in Genuity® Roundup Ready® sugarbeet
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.20 Nutrient deficiencies in glyphosate-resistant sugar beets?
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.21 Evaluation of in-furrow products to enhance sugarbeet production 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.22 Influence of starter fertilizer on optimum nitrogen rate 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.23 Effect of variable rate seeding on sugarbeet yield and quality 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.24 Rhizoctonia solani; the extent of the problem and control measures in Michigan 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.25 Development of an enzyme for beet pulp processing 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.26 Jasmonic acid and salicylic acid inhibit growth of three sugarbeet storage rot pathogens 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.27 Changes in viability and germination speed of primed sugar beet seed during storage 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.28 Analysis of the breeding progress of sugar beet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.29 Overview of breeding and enhancement activities at East Lansing, Michigan 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.30 DArT based genetic linkage map of sugarbeet and mapping of beet curly top.
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.31 Screening sugar beet germplasm for resistance to Rhizoctonia solani in artificially induced field epiphytotics: Examining 25 years of data. 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.32 Liquefied Sugar Beet - The Ideal Fermentation Substrate for Your Bio-based Products 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.33 Introducing CruiserMaxx Sugar beets: A comprehensive seed care product concept for broad spectrum disease and insect protection for sugar beets
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.34 The journey from catastrophe to success 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.35 Managing sugarbeet insect pests with seed treatment insecticides 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.36 Variation in the p25 region of resistance breaking Beet necrotic yellow vein virus from infected plants in Minnesota 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.37 Impact of curly top host plants on accumulation, competitiveness, and durability of curtovirus species 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.38 Rhizoctonia seedling damping-off in sugar beet in Michigan 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.39 Application strategies utilizing Quadris™ fungicide for control of Rhizoctonia solani root rot on sugarbeets
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.40 Effect of Penthiopyrad as a seed treatment for controlling Rhizoctonia solani on sugar beet.
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.41 Optimization of sugar beet Rhizoctonia solani resistance test in field trials by irrigation and fleece cover 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.42 Aggressiveness of Rhizoctonia solani AG 2-2 on sugar beet and rotation crops 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.43 Efficacy of in-furrow and post-emergence fungicides in controlling Rhizoctonia on sugar beet
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.44 Effect of fungicides on disease control, yield and quality of sugar beet inoculated with different sources of Cercospora beticola inocula
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.45 Correlating reduction in fungicide sensitivity in C. beticola with loss of disease control 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.46 Cultivar selection for sugarbeet root rot resistance 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.47 Mycotoxigenic potential and pathogenicity of Fusarium species isolated from sugar beet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.48 Characterization of the genetic diversity of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. betae utilizing phylogenetic analysis and vegetative compatibility grouping 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.49 Root aphid tolerance in sugar beet; field screening & resistance mapping 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.50 Biological and molecular characterization of beet oak-leaf virus 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.51 Efficacy of fungicides for controlling Rhizoctonia solani on sugar beet. Powerpoint Presentation 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.52 Influence of variety tolerance, application timing and fungicide efficacy on control of Cercospora leafspot in Michigan 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.53 PCC for enhancement of sugar beet production and evaluation of Rhizoctonia disease suppression 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.54 Fungicide and Insecticide Seed Treatments: Effects on stands, yields and disease control 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.55 Potential savings from sugar defoamer flow monitoring and display 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.56 Color formation in white beet sugars 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.57 Distribution of non-sugars in the ARi Coupled Loop molasses desugarization system 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.58 Dietary sugars and diet quality
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.59 Successful application of dextranase in sugar beet factories 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.60 New approach to sugar drying and cooling
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.61 Novel design of a continuous centrifugal and its operational benefits 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.62 Influence of sugar end syrup pH on overall color rise in the sugar end and color of molasses produced. 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.63 Cossette quality and the impact this has on factory operations 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.64 Biobased products: Opportunities and challenges in the sugar industry 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.65 Pneumatic Conveying in Sugar Production 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.66 Influence of thin juice pH management on thick juice color in a factory utilizing weak cation thin juice softening 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.67 Process solids separation on raw juices 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.68 Results and experiences with the new Putsch PKF NG 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.69 Utilization of beet sugar factory resources for production of Algal Biodiesel 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.70 Design of clarifiers with turbulence reduction devices 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.71 Restoring the operational capacity of a coupled-loop molasses desugarization separator 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.72 Solids removal from the flume water system Phase V 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.73 Performance of factory anaerobic contactors operated with and without pre-acidification (PA) of feed to the contactors and comparison to bench PA trials under different conditions 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.74 A comparison of anion concentrations across carbonation at the five valley factories of American Crystal Sugar Company 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.75 Determination of oleanolic acid based saponin removal by thewastewater treatment system at Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.76 Strong and Flexible Thermal and Environmental Coupling Between Pulp Drying and Sugar Process
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.77 Initial Results and first impressions with the Turbofilter
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.78 Steam drying of beet pulp in Japan and latest development of the technology 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.79 Additives and Processing Aids Evolving Requirements for Food Safety
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.80 Clarification of high strength wastewater using dissolved air floatation technology 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.81 Management of unharvested sugar beet in Alberta 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.82 Respiratory losses in sugar beets as a function of storage temperature, field nitrogen application, sprouting incidence and handling severity 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.83 Four years of strip tillage in a wheat-beet-bean-corn rotation in ND and MN 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.84 Evaluate nitrogen rates, application timings and application methods for sugarbeets in Michigan 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.85 Managing nitrogen fertilizer for maximum returns of the sugar beet crop, as related to soil type
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.86 Scalped vs. non-scalped sugarbeets 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.87 Effect of row width and population on sugar beet yield and quality 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.88 Effect of manure compost on sugar beet yield and quality 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.89 Volunteer glyphosate-resistant soybean management in glyphosate-resistant sugarbeet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.90 The effect of nitrogen and time of weed removal on sugarbeet yield and quality in glyphosate-resistant sugarbeet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.91 Cover crops and reduced tillage in glyphosate-resistant sugarbeet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.92 Effects of phosphorus placement and rate on sugarbeet production 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.93 Impact of reduced nitrogen management in sugar beet production on silt loam soils in the Grande Ronde Valley of Eastern Oregon 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.94 Influence of different brands of glyphosate and spray adjuvants on weed control and sugarbeet performance 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.95 Storage comparison for beets on and in a storage building beet pile
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.96 New additions to the National Plant Germplasm System’s Beta collection: Southern Morocco expedition 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.97 Metabolic changes associated with elevated respiration rate in stored sugarbeet roots after injury 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.98 Sugar beet root maggot (Tetanops myopaeformis) genes modulated by resistant and susceptible interactions with Beta vulgaris
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.99 Examining salt stress for improvement of seedling vigor 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.100 Speed and uniformity of sugar beet seed germination determined by automated image capture and time course analysis 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.101 Beta vulgaris promoters for directed tissue-specific root transcription
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.102 Biochemical and proteomic profiling of polysaccharide-modifying enzymes in root cell walls of Beta vulgaris 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.103 Mechanisms of DMI resistance in field isolates of Cercospora beticola 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.104 Impact of soil, hydrologic, and production-system variability on sugarbeet root 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.105 Rhizoctonia belly rot in cucumber fruit using Rhizoctoniasolani isolated from sugar beet. 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.106 Postharvest Rhizopus rot on sugar beet
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.107 Determining optimal fungicide timing for Rhizoctonia root rot of sugar beets in Nebraska based on soil temperatures 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.108 A rare epidemic of sugar beet seedling rust in Nebraska 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.109 Effect of depth of inoculum placement on development of Rhizoctonia solani on sugar beet.
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.110 What is the best time to control Rhizoctonia root rot of sugar beet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.111 Field strip trial evaluation of seed treatment insecticides in the Red River Valley 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.112 Aerial imaging to assess Rhizoctonia crown and root rot severity in sugar beet fields 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.113 Remote sensing for assessing Rhizoctonia crown and root rot severity in sugar beet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.114 Mating type idiomorphs distribution and their correlation to benzimidazole-resistance in Cercosporabeticola from the Central High Plains Region, USA 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.115 Fungicide trials for the control of Erysiphe polygoni causal agent of powdery mildew on sugar beets in Idaho 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.116 Integrated pest management approaches for the control of Erysiphe polygoni, causal agent of powdery mildew on sugar beets in Idaho 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.117 Neonicotinoid seed treatments and foliar sprays on sugarbeet for control of severe curly top 
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.118 Environmental conditions that contribute to development and severity of sugar beet Fusarium yellows caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. betae: temperature
10.5274/ASSBT.2011.119 Effects of herbicides and sugarbeet cultivars on Rhizoctonia root and crown rot development