American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists

DOI Numbers for 2005 ASSBT Proceedings

10.5274/ASSBT.2005.1 Practical Solutions for Protecting Food Companies Against Bioterrorism Attacks
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.2 Food Safety Updates and an Integrated Approach to their Management 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.3 Status of isophorone-free sugarbeet herbicide formulations
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.4 Herbicide combinations for kochia and common lambsquarters control
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.5 Effect of spent lime on sugar production and crops following sugarbeet in the Red River Valley of the North Giles
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.6 Implementation of Beetcast, a predictive model for managing Cercospora leafspot in Michigan
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.7 Would smooth root beets reduce the cost of disposing of soil at our factories?
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.8 Precision farming practices impact on sugarbeet production in MN and ND
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.9 Optimum plant population of Rhizomania resistant sugarbeet varieties for highest recoverable sucrose per acre
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.10 Managing Cercospora leaf spot on sugarbeet with fungicides
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.11 Response of 37 sugarbeet cultivars to clopyralid
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.12 Effect of composted cattle manure on sugar beet production
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.13 Tropical sugar beet
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.14 Economics of weed management systems in sugarbeet
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.15 Relationships between amino nitrogen amounts and Rhizoctonia root rot resistance on crown root in inoculate condition for sugar beet
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.16 Effect of crowning on sugar beet storage
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.17 Evaluating growers' sugarbeet planter metering units and seed drop tubes on the University of Nebraska electronic planter test stand 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.18 Overcoming azoxystrobin interactions with micro-rate herbicide applications in Michigan sugarbeet production
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.19 Evaluation of a predictive model, Beetcast, for managing Cercospora leafspot in Michigan
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.20 Late season increase in weight and sugar percent of sugar beet
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.21 Sugar beet yield increases following oil radish green manure nematode trap crops in South Central Idaho
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.22 Management zones for nitrogen management
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.23 Sugar beet injury from simulated herbicide drift
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.24 Sugar beet production response to N fertilizer rates following com in the Red River Valley of Minnesota
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.25 Influence of preplant nitrogen fertilizer on sugarbeet, weeds and postemergence weed control
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.26 Drought tolerance of sugarbeet.
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.27 Performance of sugarbeet cyst nematode resistant cultivars and a search for sources of resistance
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.28 Breeding for genetics: development of Recombinant Inbred Lines (RIL's) for gene discovery and deployment
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.29 Monitoring the nematode resistance gene in tetraploid pollinators by using genetic markers
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.30 Impact of tank-mixed insecticide and fungicide combinations on sugarbeet yield and quality
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.31 Tachigaren influence over time on Aphanomyces cochlioides presence in soil and the effect on sugarbeet production
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.32 Diversity in Fusarium from sugarbeet
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.33 Screening for varietal resistance to sugarbeet root aphid
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.34 Managing Cercospora leaf spot on sugarbeet with fungicides
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.35 Additional evidence of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) as an alternate host to Cercospora beticola
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.36 The evaluation for resistance to Aphanomyces black root rot by using artificial inoculation method in sugarbeet bred in NARO
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.37 Pathogenicity of different Anastomosis Groups and sub groups of Rhizoctonia Solani on sugar beet
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.38 The implementation of BEETCAST - a weather-timed fungicide spray program for the control of Cercospora Leafspot in Ontario and Michigan
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.39 Impact of Strobilurin fungicide on yield of sugar beets with natural inoculation of Rhizoctonia crown rot
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.40 Investigation of blinkers in rhizomania resistant fields in Minnesota
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.41 Foliage color of beets is a poor predictor of rhizomania
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.42 Cercospora beticola expressing the green fluorescent protein for studies
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.43 Genetic variation among Beet curly top virus isolates infecting weed and
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.44 Evaluation of Telone IT fumigant and Actigard systemic acquired resistance inducer on sugarbeet in a rhizomania-infested field 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.45 Analysis of benzimidazole-tolerance in Cercospora beticola
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.46 Evaluating low levels of Tachigaren on minimum build-up treated sugar beet seed for protection against Aphanomyces cochioides 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.47 Soil and moisture factors affecting sugarbeet root aphid and its impact on sugarbeet yield
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.48 Metarhizium anisopliae for biocontrol of sugarbeet root maggot: constraints, challenges, and overall potential.
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.49 Using spore traps for Cercospora beticola in sugarbeet
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.50 Biological and molecular analyses of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus isolates that overcome host resistance genes
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.51 A Multiplex RT-PCR assay for sugar-beet soil-borne virus diseases survey in Italy
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.52 Antiserum for the detection of Aphanomyces cochlioides
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.53 The impact of plant age and genetics on curly top disease development in modern sugarbeet varieties
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.54 Genetic diversity for root morpho-physiological traits and productivity in sugar beet
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.55 Raffinose synthase is influenced by postharvest storage temperature and duration
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.56 Sucrose synthase gene expression in tissue-specific, developmentally regulated, and influenced by abiotic stresses
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.57 Q2-test: a new fast and accurate seed quality evaluation test based on automatic single seed respiration measurements; examples from sugar beett seed research
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.58 RNA silencing for the control of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus infection of sugarbeet
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.59 An in vitro sugar beet root maggot (Tetanops myopaeformis) feeding assay
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.60 Sugar beet genes regulated by sugar beet root maggot (Telanops myopaeJormis) infestation
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.61 Forum in Physiology, Biotechnology, Genetics and Gennplasm Enhancement Future of Biotechnology Session
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.62 Forum in Entomology and Pathology Fusarium: Research and Strategies Session
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.63 Forum in Entomology and Pathology Plant Disease: Rhizomania and Cercospora Leaf Spot Resistance Session
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.64 Forum in Agronomy Weeds Forum: Weed Management Issues: Past, Present and Future Session
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.65 Joint Forum on Beet Storage Session
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.66 Examination of oligosaccharides, organic acids and high molecular weight components in beet processing
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.67 Analytical characterization of conditioned diffusion juice and related process samples 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.68 Efficiency Improvements at the Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative process laboratory
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.69 Comparison of halogen and organic peroxide oxidizing agents for biocontrol agents in sugar factory cooling water 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.70 Relative effectiveness of natural and synthetic biocides against bacteria found in sugar factories
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.71 Unifonn and simple measurement of the activity of dextranases at the sugarbeet factory.
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.72 Differentiating cane white sugar from beet white sugar using ion chromatography profiles
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.73 Challenges for the treatment and discharge of low salinity wastewater 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.74 Environmental mass balance at Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.75 Environmentally friendly storage and use ofdirt, wastewater biosolids and other solid wastes at Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.76 Flue gas scrubber water de-calcification 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.77 Results of long-term storage of coupled loop molasses desugarization extract
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.78 Factory rehabilitation and optimization by number and capacity 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.79 Influence of several agronomic, post-harvest and technological factors upon process ionic balance and consequently upon industrial yield 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.80 Steam drying of beet pulp, latest developments 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.81 Reduced energy consumption for pulp drying in a high-capacity fluidized-bed steam dryer
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.82 Ion exchange thin juice softening using fractal technology
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.83 Chromatography of the second mother liquor in a new Beet Sugar Factory: An elegant way to increase the sugar yield and to decrease the capital cost of the crystallization 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.84 A review of pilot plant boiling of extract from coupled loop and simulated moving bed molasses desugarization plants 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.85 Standard liquor filtration using a Putsch Sibomat filter 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.86 Removal of sulfur dioxide from boiler scrubber water 
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.87 Sanitation protocols and methods of evaluation
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.88 Hard and lumpy sugar complaints, is it really hard and lumpy?
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.89 The Development and Application of a Juice Conditioning System for Increased Sugar Quality and Recovery
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.90 Improved beet sugar purification from "conditioned" diffusion juice: field studies during the 2003-2004 campaign
10.5274/ASSBT.2005.91 Steam drying of pressed pulp at Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative