American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists

DOI Numbers for 2007 ASSBT Report

10.5274/ASSBT.2007.1 Sugar Situation in the European Union
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.2 SugarSituation in the World
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.3 Whole rotation effects on soil nitrate-N for sugar beet production.
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.4 Eleven years of micro-rate use in North Dakota and Minnesota 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.5 Improvements and innovations in vented pile storage methodology and construction
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.6 Beta vulgaris response to amide herbicides.
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.7 Determine the ideal popul'ation in 30 inch row spacing
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.8 Exploiting the genetic potential of sugarbeets
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.9 Are rhizomania resistant sugarbeet varieties nitrogen hogs 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.10 Two year in-field sprayer calibration survey of sugar beet growers 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.11 Ethofumesate carryover potential in wheat and barley
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.12 Interference of broadleaf weeds in sugarbeets
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.13 Impact of genetic resistance to sugarbeet cyst nematode on yield and quality of sugarbeets 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.14 Chemical and mechanical control of group 1 resistant wild oats 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.15 Field applications of sugar factory spent lime: Effects on soil phosphorus 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.16 30 in. vs. 18 in. row sugarbeet production -Nebraska research and grower experiences 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.17 Influence of a Cercospora tolerant sugarbeet variety on the BEETCAST prediction model 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.18 Agriculture information systems for the beet sugar industry 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.19 Late season weed control in sugarbeets by hand-weeding, mowing, or selective application of glyphosate 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.20 Influence of ALS-resistant kochia control in corn on kochia control the following year in sugarbeet
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.21 Impact of mid-season water stress on sugarbeet growth 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.22 Effect of row width and population on weeds and sugar beet yield and quality in Michigan
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.23 Response of four commercial sugar beet varieties to s-metolachlor and dimethenamid-P
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.24 Fine-tuning nitrogen recommendations for sprinkler and flood irrigated sugarbeet
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.25 Evaluation of XBEEJTM, an enhanced sugarbeet priming system
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.26 Weed control programs in glyphosate-resistant sugar beets
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.27 Use of a randomized nested block design in genetically modified, non-selective herbicide resistant sugarbeet hybrid testing 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.28 Timing of postemergence standard-split applications based on growing degree days in sugar beet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.29 Identifying risk management zones for Cercospora leafspot control in Michigan
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.30 Virus induced gene silencing of a gene repressing flowering in sugar beet
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.31 Protein changes associated with sugar beet resistance to Fusarium oxysporum 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.32 Rhizomania as seen from inside the beet cell: Identifying proteome differences between sugarbeet infected with Beet necrotic yellow vein virus and healthy sugarbeet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.33 Integration of genetic, physical, and expression mapping resources for gene discovery and beet improvement
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.34 Genetics of water content in sugarbeet roots 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.35 Development of novel sources of resistance to Beet curly top virus through virus-induced gene silencing 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.36 Ethylene production and its effect on storage respiration rate in wounded and unwounded sugarbeet roots
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.37 A sugar beet Affymetrix chip
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.38 A Beta vulgaris serine proteinase inhibitor gene (BvSTi) regulated by sugar beet root maggot feeding on moderately resistant F1016 roots.
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.39 Host and viral factors that promote the emergence of resistance breaking variants of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYW).
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.40 A procedure for rapid detection of resistance breaking variants of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYW) using real-time RT -peR allelic discrimination assays 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.41 Seed treatment insecticides to manage soil insect pests of sugarbeet.
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.42 Control of Aphanomyces damping-off of sugarbeet by hymexazol seed treatment when disease onset occurs at different plant ages and inoculum levels
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.43 Crop protection innovations in sugarbeet -Bayer CropScience 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.44 Relationship of clothianidin plus beta cyfluthrin, combined with build-up coating options, to germination and field emergence of Beta vulgaris seeds
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.45 Interaction of varying Fusarium oxysporum isolates with different sugarbeet lines
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.46 Variability in varietal response for resistance to sugar beet root aphid and potential implications
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.47 Timing of azoxystrobin fungicide application for control of Rhizoctonia crown and root rot on sugarbeet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.48 Incidence and spatial distribution of rhizomania in fields planted to rhizomania resistant cultivars
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.49 What is the best time to apply fungicides for effective and economical Cercospora leaf spot control 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.50 Some like it straight, some like it mixed!
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.51 Survey of field soils for Cercospora beticola by PCR and ELISA. 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.52 Transgenic rhizomania resistant hybrids of sugar beets, providing strong resistance against different strains of BNYVV
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.53 Performance of rhizomania resistant sugarbeet under normal and resistance-breaking strains of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.54 Distribution and differentiation of resistance-breaking isolates of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus in the United States
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.55 Discovery of resistance to seedling disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG2-2, description of the host-pathogen interaction, and development of a seedling disease screening nursery 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.56 Characterisation of soils from different geographic origins containing Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYW) which overcomes Rz1 resistance in sugar beet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.57 Cercospora beticola mating types in the North Central USA 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.58 Sugarbeet root rot in the Intermountain West 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.59 Discovery of Beet Black Scorch Virus in the United States 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.60 Spent lime effects on yield, quality, and Aphanomyces root rot of sugar beet 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.61 The effect of seed treatment and post-emergence insecticides on emergence, phytotoxicity, sugarbeet root maggot damage and root yield 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.62 Characterization of genes associated with potential for fungicide resistance in Cercospora beticola 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.63 Predicting disease severity for sugar beet root rots using a preplant soil disease assay.
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.64 Effectiveness of a precision applicator in applying pesticide granules synchronously with sugar beet seed 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.65 Effect of three bacterial disease-control agents on the entomopathogenic fungi, Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.66 Detection of Cercospora beticola by PCR in amended and naturally infested field soil.
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.67 Bio-based management of sugarbeet root maggot by integrating an insect pathogenic fungus and cereal cover crops 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.68 Evaluation of Cruiser seed treatment for control of wireworm damage in sugar beet.
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.69 Influence of host resistance and insecticide seed treatments on curly top in sugarbeets 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.70 Mapping of curly top incidence and determination of genetic variation among viruses resf.onsible for curly top in California 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.71 Advances in fluorescence detection of sugar in water systems
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.72 Recent advances in Nalco's juice purification system
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.73 Controlling quality of MDS extract for long term storage
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.74 Methods for automated particle size analysis
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.75 Determination of Betaine by NIR for Betaine recovery optimization
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.76 Amino acid elimination in chromatographic molasses separation systems
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.77 The relative stability of stored extract with and without inoculation with high levels of different microbial types
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.78 Microwave technology: An ubiquitous in line measurement instrument for density, total solids, concentration, especially brix in a today sugar factory
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.79 Rapid odor control for sugar plant process water and ponds
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.80 Experiences with briquetting and burning boiler fly ash in a coal­fired beet pulp dryer. 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.81 Experiences with processing sugarbee1s frozen for long term storage
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.82 Reduction of washhouse sugar losses through water management at Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.83 Eliminating hydrogen sulfide emissions from beet sugar wastewater.
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.84 The use of ion exchange resins for beet sugar juice processing
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.85 Steamdrying of beet pulp -larger uni1s, more energy recovery, no VOC and large CO2 reduction
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.86 Managing operational challenges of steam pulp driers
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.87 Co-treatment of digester effluent and pond stored wastewaters during 2005-2006 campaign
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.88 Ion exchange decolorization -possibility of resin rejuvenation
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.89 Progressive steam dryer design enables highest capacities
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.90 Low green separation at Wissington Sugar Factory, the United Kingdom
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.91 Laboratory studies on the effect of enzymes on color, turbidity and total polysaccharides in sugarbeet and sugarcane juice
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.92 A systematic approach to optimization of the BMA K-2300 continuous centrifugal!. 
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.93 Impact of new SPCC regulations on sugar manufacturing
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.94 The new Bogazlyian beet factory: The latest reference in modern technology
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.95 Billings BMA Tower 2000 installation and comparison to other Western Sugar BMA tower installations
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.96 Fort Morgan evaporator failure.
10.5274/ASSBT.2007.97 Reduction of processing aids -apparatus to reduce lime, antifoam and alkalizing medium