American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists
Regional Meeting
Denver, CO
February 1 - 3, 1944


Seed-Processing and Treatment  
Control of Damping-Off of Sugar Beets by Treating Segmented Seed with Certain Fungicides and Nutrient Salts  
Seed Treatment Tests, 1943  
Effect of Exposure of Germ on Quality of Stored Sheared Seed  
Germination Rate of Types of Sugar-Beet Seed Under Different Conditions  
Flowability of Beet Seed as Influenced by Polishing  
Segmented Sugar-Beet Seed with Special Reference To Normal and Abnormal Germination  
Preparing Segmented Seed  
Shearing and Gravity Classification of Seed  
Experiences with Segmenting Machine and Gravity Table  
Planter Development for Segmented Sugar-Beet Seed  
Securing a Stand Using Segmented Seed  
Field Data on Rate of Planting· Segmented Seed  
Tests with Sheared Seed in 1943 at Fort Collins, Colorado  
Method for Determining Distribution Stands for Segmented Sugarbeet Plantings and Presentation of Resulting Data  
Planting Equipment for Sheared Seed  
1942 and 1943 Mechanical Thinning Summaries  
Practical Use of Dixie Beet Thinner Under Adverse Field Conditions  
Dixie Thinner Trials, Garland, Utah, 1943  
Some Mathematical Observations in Connection with Mechanical Thinning  
Mechanical Harvester Development at the California Agricultural Experiment Station  
Experience with the John Deere Beet Harvester at the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station in 1943  
Report on Mechanical Harvesting of Sugar Beets for 1943  
Agronomic and Other Papers  
Phosphate Distributing Attachment for Manure Spreaders  
Experiments in Watering Sugar Beets in Western Nebraska  
Relationship of Weather to Sugar Beet Production  
The Sugar Beet in Europe and America  
The Feed Replacement Values of Sugar Beet By-Products  
Life History and Control of the Beet Root Louse  
Sugar Beet Improvement  
Variability in the Species Beta Vulgaris L. in Relation to Breeding Possibilities with Sugar
A Swiss Chard Garden Beet Hybrid  
Midwest Varieties  
Variety Tests and Breeding Considerations  
Report on 1943 Tests of U. S. 215 X 216, Improved U. S. 215 X 216, and other Varieties from SugarBeet Leaf-Spot-Resistance Breeding Investigations of the U. S. Department of Agriculture  
Some Colorado F0.rm Labor Problems in 1944  
Farmer Sponsored Labor in Southern Idaho 1943  
Bonneville County Farm Labor Association, Inc.  
Use and Organization of High School Labor in Central Utah  
Mexican Nationals  
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