American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists
Regional Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah
February 3 and 4, 1947


General Session  
The Need for Improved Sugar Beet Emergence  
Beet Planter Development to Improve Seedling Emergence  
Some Observations on Seed Quality and Its Relation to Mechanical Thinning  
Critical Plate Speeds of Sugar Beet Planters  
Commercial Devices Used in Large Scale Fertilizer Applications  
Requirements in Design of Commercial Fertilizer Metering Devices, Shoes. and Mountings  
1946 Mechanical Thinning Experiments  
Effect of Multipe - Plant Hills on Yields and Quality of Sugar Beets  
Prospects of Miniumu Seeding Rates of Sugar Beets for Elimination of Hand Thinning  
Red River Valley Non-Thinning Trials, 1946  
Selling Spring Mechanization to the Grower  
Present Efficiency of Sugar Beet Harvesters  
The 1946 Beet Harvest  
Beater Type Toppers  
Green Manures and Phosphate  
Some Aspects on Phosphate Fixation and Revesion in Calcareous Soils as Related to the Use of Superphosphate Fertilizer  
Effect of Nitrogen and Other Fertilizers on Yield and Quality of Sugar Beets  
Fertilizer- Studies in Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming  
Summary of Fertilizer Work in 1946 and Recommendations for 1947  
The Effect of Climate on Sugar Beet Yields in Western Montana  
The Ridge Cover Hethod at the Longmont Experiment Station  
Pathology, Genetics and Breeding  
Breeding for Resistance to Aphanomyces Root Rot  
An Application of the Backcross Method in Sugar Beet Leaf Spot Resistance Breeding  
The Drastic Reselection of Sugar Beets Under Severe Curly-Top Exposures and the Effect upon Subsequent Yielding Ability and Sugar Content  
Varietal Adaptation as Indicated by Correlation Coefficients Between Locations  
Tests of New Insecticides for Webworms, Blister Beetles and Flea Beetles  
Supplemental Report on Control of Sugar Beet Nematode by Soil Fumigation  
Factory Operations  
Recent Industrial Applications of Ion-Exchange  
Report on Ion-Exchange Pilot Plant - Alvarado 1946 Campaign  
Seed Breeding and Processing for Single Germ Seed  
A New Method for Quick Detection of Seed of Red and Yellow Forage Beets Among Sugar Beet Seed  
A New Decorticating Nachine for Sugar Beet Seed  
New Developments in Seed Processing  
Seed Size and Seed Density as it Affects Yields  
Graded Whole vs. Segmented, Pelleted and Single and Double Germ Seed in Field Germination Tests  
Seedling Counts from Single, Double and Triple Loculed Segnented Seed Units  
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